Skin Tag Removal Overview

Skin tags are a benign (noncancerous) skin growth that often forms on the armpit, neck, upper chest, groin, or eyelids. Tags are usually small in size and do not grow larger once formed. In most cases, skin tags do not have any adverse symptoms.

What Causes Skin Tags?

Research suggests that repetitive skin rubbing against skin can play a role in skin tag formation.

skin tag image

Are There Different Types of Skin Tags?

Skin tags can either be flush with the surface of the skin (sessile) or on a stalk hanging off the body (peduncle).

What Treatment Options Are Available?

Patients who are bothered with aesthetically displeasing skin tags can schedule quick and pain-free removal procedure. Treatment options include:

  • Surgical Removal
  • Cryotherapy (Liquid Nitrogen)

Your board-certified dermatologist will help determine which option is best for you at the time of your consultation.