Cyst/ Lipoma Removal Overview

Cysts and lipomas are benign (non-cancerous) lumps below the surface of the skin. In most cases, the topmost layer of skin remains normal. Neither cysts nor lipomas typically cause health risks but can be a cosmetic concern when they arise.

What Causes Cysts/ Lipoma?

It is not entirely known what causes cysts or lipoma. Some research indicates that genetics can play a role, and lumps are more likely to accumulate in areas of past trauma.

close up of Cyst Lipoma Removal

What Is The Difference Between Cysts & Lipoma?

  • Sebaceous Cysts (epidermal) are slow-growing bumps filled with the semi-solid protein keratin.
  • Lipomas are fatty masses attached to deeper layers of skin.

What Treatment Options Are Available?

You may opt to have cyst or lipoma removal if they are a cosmetic concern or if the bump becomes infected, inflamed, or painful. Our board-certified dermatologists will advise you on the best course of action at your consultation.

We use the most up-to-date surgical techniques (excision or drainage) for cyst and lipoma removal. Corticosteroid injections can be used to treat inflammation.