Rosacea Overview

Rosacea is a chronic disorder that primarily affects the face but can also appear on the neck, chest, scalp, and ears. Rosacea is a progressive condition making redness, swelling, and visible blood vessels worsen over time.

What Causes Rosacea?

The cause of rosacea is unknown. However, individuals with fair skin and a history of flushing/blushing are more likely to have rosacea. Women are also at greater risk.

Close up view of woman scratching her neck.

Are There Different Types of Rosacea?

There are various subtypes of rosacea. Some patients may only experience minor flushing while others are plagued with irritating bumps and pimples. Characteristics of multiple subtypes can occur at the same time.

What Treatment Options Are Available?

There is no cure for rosacea, but treatment is possible. Because rosacea can vary so greatly from patient to patient, individualized care is essential. We’ll assess your concerns and create a custom treatment plan at the time of your consult.

Our board-certified dermatologists can offer various oral and topical treatments to control your symptoms. When needed, Excimer laser treatments can be used to reduce excessive redness and visible blood vessels.