What Is Excimer?

Excimer is a highly-effective laser treatment that utilizes intense UVB light energy to address psoriasis and vitiligo skin conditions. Minimally-invasive treatments are customized to the patients’ individual needs and don’t require any recovery time.

What Can The Excimer Laser Treat?

Excimer can help clear mild-to-moderate psoriasis as well as vilitigo.

How Does It Work?

Your skilled technician will use a handpiece to precisely target problem areas at specific wavelengths. Treatments typically only take a few minutes and are generally painless.

Results and Recovery*

There is no need for any recovery after your Excimer laser treatment. The procedure can have long-lasting, dramatic results for the right candidate. Multiple sessions may be necessary to achieve an optimal outcome. During your initial consultation, one of our board-certified dermatologists will help determine if you can benefit from Excimer laser treatments.