Your skin plays a key role in living a healthy and happy life. That’s why we’re big fans of teaching our patients how to examine and track their moles over the years. That way, if the mole changes in any way, our patients can come right in and get their moles evaluated for skin cancer.

Even if you’re not currently a patient of The Skin Care Center, we’re here to help you stay healthy, safe, and happy. That’s why we’re outlining the five signs you should have a mole evaluated for skin cancer.

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The 5 Signs to Look for When Evaluating Your Mole

1. Asymmetry.

If your mole looks like the two halves don’t quite match, this could be a sign you need to get your mole checked out. Look for asymmetrical halves, like one side of the mole appearing much larger than the other.

2. Border.

If the borders of your mole appear blurry, fuzzy, or irregular, get it checked out by a dermatologist. This is especially true if the borders have changed since you last checked your mole.

3. Color.

Has your mole changed color over the past few years? Maybe it changed from brown or tan to red and angry-looking? If so, get your mole evaluated for skin cancer right away, as this is a key warning sign that something may be wrong.

Mole Evaluation Consultations Available

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4. Diameter.

If the diameter is larger than the eraser of a pencil, you should schedule a consultation with a board-certified dermatologist to get it evaluated for skin cancer.

5. Evolving.

Any changes to your mole is a classic warning sign that you may have developed skin cancer. Carefully track how your mole looks over the years; take pictures on your phone and save the photos for comparison as the years go by.

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