Do you have stubborn psoriasis patches that won’t respond to over-the-counter treatments?

If so, it’s time to discover the menu of psoriasis treatments available at The Skin Care Center of Chicago. Take a look at our four most common psoriasis treatments, each of which is designed to create your most beautiful and clear complexion.

Psoriasis Treatment Chicago

4 Treatments Designed to Treat Your Psoriasis

1. Oral medications.

Oral tablets are usually the first line of treatment against widespread psoriasis patches, as special medications can calm current inflammation while preventing future patches from emerging.

2. Narrowband light treatments.

Narrowband light treatments use larger wavelengths of UVB energy to target widespread psoriasis patches, making it an efficient treatment for patients who have mild to moderate psoriasis.

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3. Excimer laser sessions.

The Excimer laser is considered a gold standard treatment for smaller patches of psoriasis, as this technology delivers high-intensity ultraviolet (UVB) wavelengths to a specific patch. The laser works to minimize these patches, leaving behind clear skin.

Most patients need about two sessions per week for a total of four to ten weeks to see their optimal results.

4. Other tailored treatments.

If any of the above treatments aren’t right for your particular psoriasis concerns, not to worry! At The Skin Care Center, we work closely with you to help determine the right procedures to minimize your current psoriasis patches, as well as treat potential future breakouts.

Our goal is clear: to develop a treatment plan that makes you feel confident to be in your own skin.

I see Lisa at the Lake Forest office for psoriasis treatment. She has been instrumental in the improvement of my skin. She is very knowledgeable and gives clear cut explanation of what is happening. And – she’s very friendly!

EM, Happy Patient

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